Our Mission

By harnessing the global power and reach of football, our mission is to raise awareness of inequality and to alleviate the plight of those displaced, underprivileged or oppressed. We believe that football is a uniting language. It can start conversations on every continent, promoting connections that would otherwise not exist and fostering a sense of likeness and equality.

We bring the world’s most accessible and followed sport directly to communities around the globe, providing equipment, education and activity to those who are most in need.

The Founders

Who we are

Football Without Borders is a UK-registered charity (Reg no 1196463) founded and run by two long-time friends with a passion for football and travel.

Michael Symons
Nikos Lemanis

Healing through sport

We believe sport can bring people together, despite borders or conflict

Next Steps

How can you get involved?

We want to grow the positive impact of Football Without Borders in any way we can, and there are many ways you can help us make that desire a reality.

Extreme Sports Waterboarding

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Donate to the charity

All donations are very much appreciated! To find out how to donate, and what your donation will be used for, click here

Volunteer for a project

To make our projects a reality, we rely on volunteer help from great people all over the world.

Corporate sponsorship

If your business is interested in becoming a patron or sponsor of Football Without Borders, let’s have a conversation and explore the options.

Football industry support

If you work in the football industry and want to get involved as an advocate, sponsor or volunteer, we would love to hear from you.