Russian invasion of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 over 6m refugees have left the country for new destinations in Europe. Many of those people for whom life has been turned upside down are children, children who are now living and attending school in a foreign country and having to deal with not just the trauma of what has happened to their own homes and homeland, but also being educated in a new language, with new friends and in an alien environment.

We developed the concept of Football Without Borders before this invasion with the aim to launch a variety of football projects globally. It quickly became apparent to us that the need currently is great for these children across Europe and so our focus now is on assisting these innocent victims of conflict.

Our aim is to create football camps for children and young people in a variety of cities, from Barcelona to Warsaw.

These camps will be run by qualified Ukrainian football coaches who will be employed by FWB. They will be for girls and boys, young and old and offer the children identity, hope and enjoyment in a safe and secure environment.

We will arrange for ex and current Ukrainian international footballers to attend sessions and offer coaching, organise tickets for local professional matches, have sessions in the evenings, weekends and during school holidays as well as activities for all the children affected, not just the keen football players.

Your donations will directly support this project and assist with our goal of helping these young people to feel more at home as well as offering gratitude to the communities who have opened their homes and welcomed them.

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directly support Us

Your donations will directly support this project and assist with our goal of helping these young people.

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